How to Approach a Lady

There are so many ways to approach a lady; however, what works for one may turn out to be extremely ineffective for another person. So before you approach a lady, it is important to act according to your personality and nature. Making an effort to communicate to a lady for the first time is not as easy as it looks and it requires immense confidence. One of the keys behind approaching a beautiful woman is to be your natural self and do not pretend.

Women are complex creatures as each one of them is different in nature. Hence, approaching a lady is a very tricky thing as an act may impress one but can be disliked by someone else. Until or unless you communicate to a woman, you cannot really expect how she is going to behave in certain situations.

The key is to observe the personality of a lady before you approach her and act accordingly. Some women may feel comfortable with humour; whereas, others may judge your intellect.


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    Take the bartender’s help

    Offering a drink to a lady is an outdated way of approaching her. However, if done smartly, it is still a very useful way of getting her to talk to you. Before you proceed and approach her, it is imperative to notice if she looks interested or not. Eye contact is a great way of judging the other person’s response.

    You can take help of the bartender and use him as an envoy. Send her a drink through the bartender with a message that you want to join her.

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    Be witty & cheesy

    You need to be proactive in your approach and try to make her laugh. Once she smiles or laughs, the lady will be much more comfortable with you. It is all about getting her into a comfort zone. You can boldly ask her to buy you a drink instead in a cheesy way.

    If she is sitting somewhere and there is an empty chair with her, go and ask her confidently if there is anyone sitting on this chair. If she says ‘no’, then sit on the chair and start a conversation. Throw a nice compliment and make her feel special. By doing this, you have got a nice momentum on your side, which can used to good effect.

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    Pickup lines
    Most women do not like pickup lines; however, you can deliver that in a funny way and get her attention. Remember, the most important thing is not ‘what you say’, it is ‘how you say’.

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