Steps to Approach Food Companies to Sell Recipe Ideas

Approaching food companies to sell your recipe ideas is never an easy task. Many restaurants and other food companies are not too keen to take recipes from people that have not been thoroughly tested. It is not impossible to sell your recipe ideas, it will take a lot of patience, hard work and dedication. Having the right approach and staying organised can help you sell your recipe ideas to food companies.

Properly test your recipe ideas to ensure that your ingredients and methods are solid and easy to understand. If you feel that your recipe ideas belong the recognition that they deserve and you want to see other people enjoying them, then selling your recipes to food companies or restaurants can be a lucrative venture for you.


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    Organise your Recipe Ideas:

    Carefully organise your recipe ideas in an easy to follow system. Maintaining your recipe ideas according to various categories can help you when you approach food companies or restaurants.

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    Test and Rate Your Recipe Ideas:

    Make sure to test and rate your recipe ideas by using friends and family to help you. Get their ratings of our recipes based on the layout, method, ease of use and taste. Once you develop a proper rating system for your recipe ideas you will get a better understanding of which recipes are best and easier to sell.

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    Prepare list of Food Companies and Restaurants:

    Develop a comprehensive list of food companies and restaurants that you want to target with your recipe ideas. Stay organised and make sure that your list is complete with contact information and the names of those in charge. Remember to approach the right company that deals in a particular type of recipe that you have previously categorised.

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    Get Legal Advice:

    It is very important to get the proper legal advice before pursuing your idea to sell your recipe ideas. There are many rules and regulations that you should be aware of before trying anything. Getting legal advice can save you from a lot of problems later down the line.

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    Develop a Flexible Pricing System:

    Maintain a flexible pricing system for your recipe ideas. Study different pricing methods that are already being used in the market.

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    Approach Food Companies and Restaurants:

    Start contacting the different food companies or restaurants that you put on your list of potential buyers previously. Try to contact those individuals inside the food companies that are responsible for purchasing.

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    Networking and Marketing:

    As with all business ideas, having the proper networking and marketing plan can go a long way towards helping food companies find out about your recipe ideas. Maintain a simple website that you can use to help with your marketing and networking plans.

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