How to Avoid an Argumentative Person

Some people have the tendency of arguing on everything just out of a habit. Once you go in an argument with them, they will prolong it to such an extent that you will rue starting it at the first place. Most of the argumentative people do have a lot of substance to prove their point, so they eventually have to shout or scream to let the other person listen to them, which is most likely to end the conversation in bitterness and may spoil your whole day.

The best way is to avoid having arguments with such people and must not let your sentiments get the better of you. Avoiding argumentative people is not as simple as it looks and you have to have a lot of self-control to save yourself from non-productive arguments. One must remember that patience and politeness towards others is one of the greatest virtues. If you reply to an argumentative person in the same tone, then remember that the people around you will not differentiate between you and that person.


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    Say no to political or religious arguments

    Most bitter arguments initiate from political or religious debates. Everyone gets emotional on these topics, which is the reason why such arguments are banned at workplaces. If an argumentative person asks you something about these topics, then simply say, “I do not indulge myself in political or religious arguments.”

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    Take into account the other person’s mental caliber

    Before you start a conversation with any person, it is important to judge his mental level and respond accordingly. Most of us do not possess the ability to convince others; hence, it is important to live and let live.

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    Remain composed

    If you have no choice but to spend time with an argumentative person, then it is important that you do not show your willingness to enter into a conflictive conversation. Let the other person speak more and give himself a good ear. You must make yourself realize that you are always in a ‘lose-lose’ situation with such a person.

    The most important things to do in order to avoid an unpleasant argument is to remain composed and not to be emotional. Use your brain instead of heart in such a scenario as anger will not take you anywhere. If a person asks you a question, then answer with a smiling face, which will play a huge role in calming down the other person as well.

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