How to Combat Peer Pressure

Once you socialize and make friends, sustenance of peer pressure becomes one of the most important factors. The term ‘majority is authority’ simply elucidates the human psyche and sums up the concept of socialization perfectly. This can be used as a deleterious enforcer of norms if someone is practising unethical things. This is also exactly how the society functions; more people pressurize others to follow what they think is right and you should have the guts to absorb that.


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    Your decision to make friends has a direct influence on what is going to happen to you. That is the sole reason why elders advise you to stay away from corrupt company. There are several intimidating people out there who would try to put pressure on you, trying to mold you mentality and subsequently actions. Try to avoid such people so you do not have to bear with the consequences later on in your life.

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    If you have a group of friends, there is always one who would have the same interests as you. For example, if there are people who take drugs and you disapprove of that practise, then there must be at least one more person who would share the same point of view. Stick to that one person and make him/her your ally. They work as a shield when others plan to pressurize you over a decision.

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    Act selfless for a change and start thinking about others. If you can help someone who is undergoing peer pressure then always take a stand for him/her. For example, if there are people pressurizing an individual to take drugs, try to push them away in case he/she doesn’t want to do it.

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    Always talk about the adverse consequences of things they pressurize you about; draw a really dark picture while you are at it. This constant reminder might act as a pest to them, but it will eventually help you knock some sense into others.

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    If you know that whatever you are being pressurized about is something that you don’t want to do, then learn to say no. No matter how many of your friends approach you, just keep telling them how you don’t think it’s the right thing for you.

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    Stories about destroyed lives will help you run a free-of-cost awareness campaign for the people who try to intimidate you. Try to make them read these stories so that they stop doing things which are not ethical.

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