How to Stay Calm Under Pressure

Learning to stay calm under pressure is imperative if you want to lead a healthy happy life. No matter how careful you are, you cannot completely keep pressure out of your life. There are just too many factors that can possibly give birth to it, e.g. work, family life and health.

Rather than letting the pressure get to you and cause a burn out, you should work on your skills to shield yourself against its undesirable effects. Learning to stay calm in situation that would otherwise cause you to panic can be great for both your personal as well as professional life.


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    Staying positive is one of the most effective ways to staying calm under pressure. When facing a challenging task, you probably find yourself thinking about what you would lose in case you are unable to hold your own. Instead of giving in to your fear and letting negative thoughts fill up your head, concentrate on the positive things. You should simply focus on the task at hand and completing it, while not thinking about failure at all.

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    Surround yourself with things that make you happy and feel relaxed. This could be anything, from your family’s photograph, to a gift that your significant other gave you. Creating a personalised and relaxing environment can make a significant psychological impact on your mind and allow you to stay strong and focused even under immense pressure.

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    Breathing slowly in and out is a great way of releasing pressure. One often begins to neglect the importance of supplying oxygen to the body when feeling panic or anxiety. Health experts have been emphasising on the importance and benefits of inhaling and exhaling deeply when under pressure. Just take a break from whatever it is that you are doing and start breathing. You will begin to feel better right away.

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    If the situation that is putting you under pressure is not something that you can control or cope with, then the best thing to do is to take yourself away from it. In case you are feeling pressure at home, take a vacation. If your family life is making you feel stressed lately, start hanging out with your friends.

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    An empty stomach can make the panic and anxiety grow. Therefore, start your day with a healthy breakfast and continue to have nutritious meals during the course of the day. You will find it much easier to remain calm and relaxed when your stomach is full.

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