How to Cope With a Tragedy

At times our lives are struck by tragedies that we just can’t get over with no matter what. These tragedies tend to have an everlasting effect on us as it causes major changes in our behaviour and personality. Coping with tragedies is not an easy task, especially if what you’re stricken by was something of great trauma. Time is said to be the greatest medicine in healing such traumas. However, apart from time a person also needs to take some other precautionary measures for ensuring quick recovery from such tragedies.


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    Don’t try to hold the pain inside when you have to let it go. Give time to yourself to get back to your normal self. But in order to do that you have to let yourself undergo the different stages of the whole grieving process. If it’s frustration that’s bothering you, then don’t hold it back. Instead use that energy in something constructive rather than just letting it out on someone else. You can do this by exercising or perhaps at work, where your normal performance might result in a boost. Moreover, some people tend to get inspired when they’re frustrated. And in this case, they might use this energy for into creating something new.

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    Writing can also help your mind get off things that might be bothering you. Tragedy sometimes struck you so badly that you don’t even want to talk about it. The best way to get over such a condition is by writing. It helps you get your mind off things as you go on writing about them. Keep a journal that consists of your thoughts that are related to your inner most emotions. Make sure that you keep that journal to yourself only and no one could read it. Otherwise, the entire idea of writing would fail as you would not be able to express more openly as you used to.

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    Communicating with your loved ones can also end up helping you in coping with a tragedy. Friends and family are always a source of comfort and relief. Therefore, it’s necessary that you share your thoughts with them who can help you out when you’re going through something disturbing.

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    Don’t get yourself into such situations which remind you of a previous tragedy. If you have not been able to fully recover from a previous trauma, then it’s better to ignore or avoid such situations that might cause the same grieving effects on your personality. Although it’s said that a man must come face to face with his fears in order to get over them, one must learn to cope with it first before showing off his heroism.

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    Ask your questions in order to provide justifications. This is an exercise to help you get over your trauma by getting to the answers of what and if questions.

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