How To Be Irresistible to Girls

Understanding what women want is perhaps the biggest mystery, one that no male has ever come close to solving. If there is one word which can describe the general pattern of how women react to different situations, it has to be ‘complicated’. That is however something which adds to the excitement and unpredictability of relationships. It is also a fact that hot women can pick and choose men at their will, and the same thing does not apply to men.

Women have different tastes. While majority of them will be attracted by men with well toned and sexy bodies, there is a huge possibility that the situation might be the opposite in your case. As such there is no general guideline of how to woo women, but still if you stay patient and do the basics right you might be able to impress the one you like.


  • 1

    Be honest

    It is a cold truth that women like to be appreciated for the tiniest of things, and you should make every effort to do that. However do not overdo it. Be honest in your relationship, because if you are artificial in your attitude once, there is a big chance that you can slip and that can mean curtains for you.

  • 2

    Respect the girl

    Many men have the tendency to use women just for sex and girls naturally have an inbuilt insecurity when it comes to taking the next step. Being a man, you can overcome her fears if you truly respect her. The best way of doing that is to listen to whatever she has to say, and take care of her things, before she asks you. Gradually you will win the trust.

  • 3

    Be confident and smile

    No woman wants an insecure man. You should be confident in whatever you do and the best way to stay that way is to keep smiling. Do not make women think that you are emotionally weak.

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    Dress and smell great

    This one is universal. Nobody likes a poorly dressed person and when it comes to girls, the factor gets multiplied.

  • 5

    Try to be funny

    You should be a happy go lucky fellow to impress the girls. If you are not, make an effort to be funny sometimes. Women do not like men who are in a serious mode all the time.

  • 6

    Be sweet

    Care for your woman. Give her presents, take her out often and try to be the man of her dreams.

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