How to Do Everything Better

If you find yourself trying to complete different daily tasks only to end up short, then learning how to do everything better is something that you need to focus on. Learning to do everything better is not just a concept, but a way of life. It all comes down to how you approach whatever it is you want to achieve. Remember, there are many different ways to do the same thing and once you figure out the way that works for you, then you can easily do everything better.

Things Required:

– List of tasks
– Schedule


  • 1

    Set reminders

    You should set reminders for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions of your friends and family members. You can set reminders either on your phone, your email addresses or through any other way that is convenient. This will help you to remember all gift giving opportunities and important dates.

  • 2

    Work smart

    The age old saying that you should work smarter and not harder is applicable to almost all of your daily tasks either at home or in the office. Keep everything you have to do on a list to help stay organised. Once you complete a specific task, make sure to check it off the list. Try to approach work in the right frame of mind and convince yourself that it is fun or something that needs to be done to make money.

  • 3

    Schedule time for chores

    You should start doing your chores right after returning to home from the office. It might also be a good idea to schedule your chores for the weekend so that you can easily take care of everything on a weekly basis. Be positive while doing your chores and you will save a tremendous amount of time.

  • 4


    It is recommended to exercise everyday to stay fresh and energetic. In case you do not have time for workout, you can always walk around your block or during breaks around your office. After you shape-up your body and gain some energy, you will perform every task efficiently.

  • 5

    Be a better friend

    You should stay in touch with your close friends whom you haven’t met for a while. You can either email him/her or call them on a regular basis. Share your thoughts with friends as they can also give you some excellent tips on how to do specific things better.

  • 6

    Prioritise happiness

    You should always keep a smile on your face in order to do everything better. Try to prioritise your life by keep those things that you enjoy doing on top of your list.

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