How to Disrespect Someone

People often find them in tough situation, claiming that no matter how politely they behave some people just cannot digest it. One often faces such complex situations where at a particular point, they feel it unnecessary to behave friendly and are forced to do the hard things.

However, it should be considered that being polite with someone is the best thing to do and one should try to avoid disrespecting as much as possible. Of course, everyone has a limit for tolerating stubborn ones and this varies from person to person. Here, the important thing is to do what is required rather than being stuck up in the so called norms and etiquettes of society that bind you from teaching others a lesson.

Some people have to make extraordinary efforts to do the necessary thing while some are good at it by birth. You can try all you want but the only way to teach that ‘jerk’ a lesson is by doing what he/she deserves. Instead of being trapped in the rules imposed on you by the society, you should disrespect the other person and make yourself free from the customs of society.


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    The first thing you need to is make the other person aware of how you feel about him/her. The best way to disrespect one is by telling him/her what you think about them. Why would you consider wasting your time in trying to be considerate with people who deserve to be humiliated?  Such stubborn people need to be told what they really are and you can do that by making things personal. Initially, try with words, say harsh thing, leaving no ambiguity about how you feel.

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    If words seem less to you, then you should take the matter into your own hands. Obviously, you do not care about the person then why not make up his face a little. To do this, you can try any form of non-verbal activity that suits you well. You can start with showing your middle finger, pushing him back, spitting on the face, biting, slapping him or thrash him, if desired. The individual will surely feel insulted but be careful, as many people can defend themselves pretty well.

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    If this does not work for you then sky is the limit, feel free to have your dog piss on his car or placing your dog’s shit at his doorstep. Making an account by his name on social media and doing weird things to the people he knows is also a considerable option.

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