How to Forgive Yourself for your Past Mistakes

We all make mistakes at some stage of our lives and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, as no human being is perfect. However, the important thing is to move on from your mistakes, learn your lessons and make sure that the same errors are not repeated again. At times, we make such massive mistakes that it becomes extremely difficult to forgive ourselves. However, forgiving yourself is imperative for a peaceful life. Unless and until you learn to forgive yourself, you are likely to remain sad and may continue to think about your past mistakes. By managing your emotional health carefully and adopting a few useful techniques, you can forgive yourself and attain mental peace.


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    Think about the mistakes

    In order to forgive yourself for your past mistakes, the first step is to take some time out and reflect upon the incidents that are haunting you. Try to sit in isolation and go through the whole episode and think what led to such circumstances. If you have a trusted friend or a family member, you should talk to him or her and discuss the whole situation. Going through the whole incident in your mind will actually help you feel lighter.

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    If you are feeling the guilt very strongly, you must apologize to the people you have hurt. Do not let your ego come in the way of admitting your mistakes and seeking an apology from someone else. By offering a sincere apology to someone, you will surely enhance your status in the other person’s eyes. Do not attach any conditions with your apology and do not think about or discuss the incident while apologizing to the other person.

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    Make a connection with God

    The ultimate peace a man can get is through making a strong connection with God, no matter what religion you belong to. Before you forgive yourself, you need to seek forgiveness for your wrongdoings from God, who is the greatest forgiver. If you are a religious person, you should consult your religious scholars and ask what you can do to forgive yourself.

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    Help others & do charity

    One of the most effective ways of forgiving yourself is to indulge yourself in good deeds. Try to help people in need. Helping others will give you immense inner peace and will go a long way in helping you forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

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