How to Be Happy Despite Adversity

Life is a turbulent journey. One may find themselves facing adversity at one point or another. The key is to survive and sustain in all times and situations without letting go because it is the rough sea which makes great sailors. When a person manages to be happy against adversity, he/she develops into a strong confident person. It is indeed a very difficult job to remain happy while staring adversity in the eyes. Everything can seem so depressing and hopeless. However, those with a strong will and determination can still manage this feat and emerge as survivors at the end of the struggle.


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    Be thankful for what you have:

    When adversity hits, most people resort to complaints and forget that they are still blessed in many ways. Some have the security of a home while there are a millions outside sleeping in the streets. Others have the love of family and friends in a world where loneliness is the major reason for depression and suicide. The first step is to stop complaining and count your blessings as happiness will automatically follow.

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    Build relationships:

    Relationships bring about a better quality of life. Get close to family and friends who are loyal and genuine. This is the time you need them the most. Look at your life and calculate your net wealth not in terms of the money but the strong relationships built over time. Get out of bed and join a friend for coffee as life does not stop for anyone. Share with people who faced adversity themselves at some point. Their experience and recovery will provide motivation for getting out of your own.

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    Take things in your hand:

    Adversity makes most people give up. This is exactly what you want to avoid. Believe in the power that sits inside of you and learn how to use it to make your life better. No other person can change your life for the better except yourself. Do things you love that make you happy and lighten your shoulders. This could be travel for many people or books by motivational writers. Think over past achievements and things you have been able to manage. This will motivate you for doing something challenging in the future and keep the spirit alive. Find the energy and stay on the move. Shutting oneself in a room will just prolong the adversity.

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