How to Avoid an IndyMac Foreclosure

All over the globe, millions of people loose the homes every year simply because they can not keep up with their monthly mortgage payment and the lender enforces a foreclosure. If you are facing difficulty making your IndyMac mortgage payments, you will need to act quickly before it is too late. Although foreclosure may be imminent but if you take the right measures, there are ways in which you can avoid an IndyMac foreclosure. Here is how you can effectively avoid an IndyMac home foreclosure, saving yourself the trouble of having to move to an apartment building.


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    Thoroughly read the agreement that you signed when you started the mortgage. Take notes of all the terms pertaining to avoiding foreclosure and what needs to be done if you find yourself in a difficult financial situation.

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    You must pay close attention to any letters that you receive from IndyMac, especially if you have already missed a few payments. The lender may give you various payment options in order to help you avoid a foreclosure.

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    The very moment you realise you will be facing difficulties making the mortgage payments, you should contact IndyMac and make them aware of the situation. Once you have explained your situation to the bank, you can request to be given options to avoid a foreclosure.

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    Try to come up with a payment plan that you think IndyMac will agree upon but make sure that the plan you devise is coherent with the terms and conditions of your mortgage agreement. If that does not work, ask IndyMac to offer a loan modification. If you are lucky enough, IndyMac will make changes such as extending the loan duration or lowering the monthly mortgage amount. But before you agree to a new set of terms and conditions, make sure you understand them before accepting.

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    If the lender is pressing to enforce foreclosure, contact a counsellor at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Make the counsellor aware of the attempts that you had made with your lender in order to avoid a foreclosure. Also tell the counsellor how you plan to make the mortgage payments in the future. If the odds are in your favour, the counsellor may be able to negotiate a deal between you and IndyMac.

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    Once a solution has been agreed upon, make sure that you stick to the new payment plan because failing to do so will give IndyMac all the rights to enforce a foreclosure.

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