How to Fill Out a Money Order

Since strong emergence of electronic payment methods, money order form has been losing its worth. Still many people prefer it to be a way of paying their bills, send money to other people or even buy things. The process is not a time consuming one and the form can easily be filled out. While doing so you have to make sure that you provide all the required information, including your account number, which is your main identification, whether or whether not a space for putting in account number is provided. If you do not find a space for putting in your account details, you can right it just above your name box, and it is accepted without any objection. Although it might sound to be a bit different or difficult by its name, a money order is just a form of check that consumers still use for different reasons. Many people who are not versed with comfortable with using electronic methods of payments or are extra cautious about frauds possibilities generally associated with the electronic methods, they use money order form, especially to pay their utility bills. For whatever reason, money order method of payment has survived and still is equally popular.

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    Purchase of Money Order Form

    Money order form is easily available at super markets, post offices, money transfer and exchange companies. You can buy a form from any of these spots with a little effort.

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    Take Care While Filling Out

    Be careful while filling out money order form and provide all information it requires you to. Be careful as if you leave any box without filling out, it might return to you and your payment is not accepted. This can cause you some inconvenience at the end.

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    Provide Your Account Number

    In addition to your name, you will find a section in the form where you can put in your account number. If you do not find a separate space for putting your account number, just write it on top of your name box, and it will be accepted. Do not avoid putting in your account number and if you do so your payment will not be processed through.

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    Remitter or Payee

    Where you find space written with Remitter or Payee, write down your name there. Payee means you are the person who are sending or paying this money to the recipient and that space should include your name.

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    Pay to the Order Of, or Sender, or Send To

    Where find in the form a space for Pay to the Order of, or Sender or Sent to, you should put name and address of the recipient of your money or payment. As it is important to give your own details, as is giving details of recipient. Otherwise, the form will return to you without acceptance of the payment.

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    Keep Receipt

    Generally, the money order form has two or even three copies, one each to be kept by you and your recipient. Since they are carbon copies, you do not need to fill them separately. All the information you provide on the main form, is copied to them automatically. So keep receipt for your record or as proof of making the payment.

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