How to Avoid Being Scared at Night

Do you face trouble sleeping because of the fear of something? Your subconscious turns your minor phobias into significant fears. It can be anything like fear of darkness, feeling insecurity or even scary dreams. The result, you spend sleepless nights which ultimately affect your performance.

Recent findings prove that it is all in the mind and one can avoid being scared by overpowering these scary thoughts or phobias. All you need to do is practise a couple of simple but effective techniques.


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    First of all you should know the nature of the fear that keeps you awake. It will help you to find the remedy. For example, if you come to know that it is a scary memory of your childhood that haunts you then you can overcome this fear by filling your mind with some pleasant thoughts.

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    Before hitting the bed, think of something that lightens up your soul. It can be anything like a recent meeting with old friends, favourite place or even your preferred corner in the house.

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    Grab lots of pillows and put them around you. This will help you to feel safe and secure. Do not turn off the light bulb as most of the times people face trouble because of the darkness.

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    Do not go to sleep with a head full of worries rather erase everything from your mind and try to have a good time trying to relax. Sometimes, creating a fantasy world can really help you overcome all your fears.

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    Listening to light music can have a soothing affect on your nerves. Get a personal music player and make a playlist. Select the “repeat all” option and let these tracks reduce your anxiety. You should avoid listening rock or heavy metal music as it is too noisy.

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    Leave the radio or television set on as this trick will make you feel connected to the world. Sometimes, it is just the feeling of isolation that augments the scary feelings. However, you should keep the volume low otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy a sweet slumber.

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    Be your best buddy and try talking to yourself. In most cases it works like a catharsis and drains scary thoughts from your mind.

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    Try to do yoga or meditation before going to bed. These exercises will really help make you strong. You will be able to minimise all the weird and unnecessary thoughts at night. Just close your eyes and let your imagination take you in some other world where you are a hero.

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