How to Help Someone with Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana which is also known as Cannabis is one of the most dangerous drugs which have ruined millions of people. Its addiction sometimes leads to complicated health issues while around the world government agencies are taking measures to control its growth. In North America alone, millions of people are addict to marijuana while thousands are involved in this ever-growing death business. Though it is also used in many medicines mainly psychoactive drugs but still the negative business and illegal trade of Marijuana are making lots of difficulties for many countries. However, if any close relative or friend is suffering with marijuana addiction, you should take certain steps to help him or her.


  • 1

    Make them realise

    Make anyone realise as why should he or she not be using marijuana. This is certainly dangerous drug and can lead to complicated health issues. Try to talk to them in detail and tell them how this drug is affecting their health.

  • 2

    Try not to smoke in-front of marijuana addict

    This will give a bad impression that you yourself not doing what your are preaching or trying to give a lesson to a marijuana addict. Do not smoke in-front any marijuana addict. They will start questioning you and put you in a bad position as well.

  • 3

    Talk to them as much as you can

    Self realisation is a very important thing. Once you start talking to a marijuana addict, you will realise he or she certainly needs your help. The marijuana addicts do not have many to talk to them. They have their own limited life and if you play an active role keeping them realise how they can improve their lives and what will be the outcome as this will certainly gives a very good impression of your effort. Try to talk to them as much as you can as you will also learn about their inner intentions what exactly they think about improving their current health condition.

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    Help them learn to relax

    Talk to their close relatives and make them realise as they should also need to talk to a suffering marijuana addict. Also help them try to learn to relax as it will give them more confidence to quit marijuana addiction.

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