How to Use a Medical Weight Scale

Medical weight scales are mostly used by doctors, physicians and nutritionists. These scales are often called mechanical physician’s scales and are used by doctors and other personnel to find out the exact weight of a person, as overweight often leads to other health issues. With the development in technology, most of these people now prefer the use of digital weighing scales while there are many who still prefer the old ways. In general, most people find it hard to read these scales because of the two separate weight needles.


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    Take off your shoes

    While doing a weight check on yourself, you should remember that you must take off your belongings that could contribute a reasonable proportion of weight. For this, before stepping up on the scale, you must take of your shoes and place them on a side. Keep in mind that you are not doing this to have a rough idea about your weight but to know the exact figure, thus you must put your shoes aside.

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    Take off other belongings

    If you are carrying other things, you must also put them out and place them on a table. You should not underestimate the need of putting extra things aside and if you are wearing a heavy jacket, you must also take that off.

  • 3

    Reach the scale

    After you have took off the extra things, now you should step on the medical weighing scale. Remember that, it is important that you reach the scale slowly and firmly. You should never approach the scale in a rush and give yourself a pause after you have stepped on the scale. It is of reasonable importance that when on the scale, an individual should stand still and stop moving.

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    Move more weight to the right

    When on the weighing scale, you must move more weight to the right. At the right extreme of the scale’s weight bar, you will find an arrow that will depict the balancing of the bar. You must wait for the arrow to fall down and at that time, you should stand still and note the reading.

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    Move less weight to right

    Now you should repeat the same with a much lesser weight. You must wait for the arrow to balance out and when the arrow is levelled, stop moving and take the reading.

  • 6

    Add both readings

    Now you should sum up both values and the result will be your actual weight.

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