How to Get Rid Of a Fever Naturally

When your body prepares itself to defend against any possible infections, the normal temperature of body tends to rise which further results in fever. Although fever is not termed as illness but can prove to be fatal, if the body temperature rises above 40 degrees Celsius or 101 degrees Fahrenheit. Everyone experiences getting fever quite often and it is certainly an uncomfortable condition for the healthy body. Most people often feel worried while having fever but it is actually a good sign because your immune system is working properly. Nevertheless, if you do not want to be in this condition then there are a few natural way to get rid of fever.


  • 1

    Cool down your body

    Considering that fever rises your body temperature from normal, so you should first of all be looking to cool your body down. You can either wet some clothes and pat them on your body generally over forehead or feet, or cover yourself in a blanket such that it starts sweating. Make sure that you are comfortable while applying these methods.

  • 2

    Light meal and fluids

    As you body is fighting against possible infections during fever so it is recommended that you avoid taking any heavy food and allow the digestive system to rest. It is good if you have more light meals with excessive fluid intake such as soups, juices etc

  • 3

    Ginger and Garlic

    Make some ginger tea or soak garlic in hot water for a few minutes and sip slowly. These natural herbs contain certain chemicals that helps in treating fever naturally.

  • 4

    Willow Bark and Raisins

    As certain medicines are made from Willow Bark, so it is good to drink tea made from it. Besides, drinking warm water of about 20 to 30 soaked and crushed raisins (without skin) can also help you in lowering down the fever.

  • 5

    Holy Basil leaves and Angelica Root

    Boiling some holy basil leaves with water and adding with milk can help lowering fever, the angelica roots have the same effect when boiled with water.

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