How to Get Rid of Buck Teeth Naturally

Buck teeth, more commonly known as rabbit teeth, are a form of malocclusion where the incisors meet together evenly instead of the upper incisors overlapping the lower incisors. If they are very prominent, then you will require a surgical procedure where a dentist will shave the buck teeth from the bottom, radically decreasing their size. Frequent visits to the dentist are your best option for finding a permanent solution to your tooth problems. However, there are other ways to reduce their visibility to a great extent, by employing a few clever methods.


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    Your first priority should be to get your teeth fixed by consulting a dentist. However, if you cannot meet the expenses of a dental procedure, then there are other ways to hide your bucked teeth.

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    Make sure you keepĀ  your teeth clean and white. You have to brush, floss, and use mouthwash at least twice a day to keep your teeth healthy. You can also seek professional help to get your teeth whitened - this will make them look far more attractive.

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    For ladies it is a bit easier to draw attention away from their buck teeth, as they have the option of using makeup. They can use mascara or eyeliner to bring out their gorgeous eyes or make their cheekbones more prominent with makeup, etc.

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    However, when applying lip colour, keep in mind that bright lipstick is a big mistake for people with buck teeth, as this makes the teeth more prominent; instead, these women should opt for lighter pinks.

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    Keeping in mind the fact that you have buck teeth, perhaps it would be wise to smile with your mouth closed, as opposed to grinning.

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