How to Avoid Bloating before an Event

Your look can be killed during a special event due to a belly bloat, especially if you decide to wear tight clothing. Since everyone wants to achieve a size zero these days, there is a mighty chance that you will get noticed – not in a good way – if your belly isn’t flat enough. However, you can flatten that bump by doing some important things, which will actually help you control that unwanted bloat and come to the event looking slim, smart and irresistible.


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    The first thing that needs to be done is skipping foods high in fat - remember you are what you eat. Fat adds excess calories, and slows down your digestive system, causing belly fat. An inefficient digestive process causes food particles to get stuck in the digestive track, where these particles may cause intestinal gas and bloating.

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    Foods with fibre should be your top priority. Green vegetables, fruits and whole grains are some of the fibre rich foods that you need to inculcate in your diet. Fibre helps you have regular bowel movement and improves your digestive system.

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    Remember, the digestive system is triggered the moment food enters your mouth. Keeping this in mind, you should always chew your food properly and slowly.  Food particles pass through the intestinal tract more easily if they are small, so, the more you chew your food the better they get digested.

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    Always drink water while eating as it helps in the digestion of food. Avoiding carbonated beverages during eating can prevent bloating, as these drinks release carbon dioxide which causes belly bloat.

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    Start a rigid exercise routine before the event. Intense cardiovascular exercises burn excess fat. This is the best way to shed off that unwanted fat on your body.

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    It is recommended that just days before the event you stop using foods with artificial sweeteners, as apart from other health issues these sweeteners cause bloating.

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    Beans are another food item that you need to take off the table before your event, as almost all beans cause gas, leading to bloating.

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