How to Get Rid Of Back Pain At Home

Who claims to never have suffered from back pain in their life? If you believe that back pain is restricted to old people like your grand mother or father then beware! A survey has revealed that more than 80% of all adults will have this problem once in their lifetime. It is generally defined as a slight or severe pain in the back, which emerges from joints, bones, nerves, muscles, and spine. Backache is classified into two major types, acute and chronic pain. Acute pain is abrupt and severe, caused due to extreme movements of back. Such movements damage the ligaments, muscles, tendons, and bones, which cause accelerated pain. It may take few days or even a month to alleviate. Chronic pain is a repeated backache, which lasts for prolong period normally three to six months. The causes of backache are diverse as the strength and position of whole body structure relies upon a person’s back. Stress, strains, tension in muscles, nutritional deficiencies, constipation, kidney infection, and trauma are few of the several reasons of backache. Once a person suffered from this severe pain, the entire body becomes sensitive to all kinds of movements and the person face problem in performing their daily activities. However, few home remedies are available to cure backache, which are very easy to make and are cost effective as well. This simple article contains some very effective remedies to get rid of back pain at home.


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    Use Potato

    Take two potatoes and peel them off. Cut them into cubes and boil them at medium heat until soft. Mash them and spread them into cheesecloth. Add cheesecloth to cover and fold it over to make poultice. Now, make sure that the poultice is not too hot and then place it on your aching back. Wait for few minutes until the poultice is cooled. Potato poultice has been used for a backache cure since ages. Potatoes are known for their potency to cure backache especially the lower backache.

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    Use Lemon

    Lemon juice is another useful remedy of backache. Its daily intake will prevent backache and give relief to you. Take a fresh lemon and squeeze its juice into a glass of water. Add some table salt to it. Take this lemon drink twice a day until you feel the difference.

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    Use Garlic oil

    Take 9 to 10 garlic cloves and peel them off properly. Place them in 60 ml mustard oil and fry at low heat until the cloves turn light brown. Remove the cloves oil from heat and set aside at room temperature until cool. Now, apply this garlic oil on the back and wait for approximately 3 hours or until your skin absorbs it completely. Get up after three hours and take a hot bath. Repeat this method daily until you get rid of back pain.

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    Use Honey

    Take a glass full of warm water. Add one tablespoon of pure honey in it and stir well. Drink the mixture daily for the abatement of backache.

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    Use Chebulic Myrobalan

    Chebulic Myrobalan is beneficial to cure and avoid backache. You can take a piece of Chebulic Myrobalan at the end of every meal until you get relief from backache

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    Use Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is helpful to get rid of backache as it strengthens and speeds up the immune system of your body. Sufficient daily intake of Vitamin C i.e. about 2000 mg can cure the severe back pain within few days. You can also take fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C such as orange, strawberry, kiwi, red pepper, cabbage etc.

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    Massages are also helpful in consolation of backache. They not only eliminate the irritating pain but also allow proper body functioning by enhancing blood circulation. A gentle massage on aching back will relax the body, enhance the flow of blood in the back nerves, and eventually cause reduction in the severity of pain.

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    Take Proper Rest

    Sufficient rest is extremely important for backache cure. Strained tendons and ligaments will be more damaged if movements continue during this pain. Therefore, make sure to take proper rest while you are suffering from backache. However, excessive bed rest can make your body sensitive to strains and slow down the healing process as well. To avoid such situations, make sure to move your back and body parts, softly and gently twice a day while having complete bed rest.

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