How to Avoid Concussions in Football

Football is one of the most commonly played games in the entire world and with so much following these days, the money has certainly come into play for this sport as well. The game is played in almost all parts of the world and the following of the game has never been better. As the people invest so much in the game, hence the game has become very competitive and players for this sake have become more and more physical. This causes a lot of injuries and here we will discuss about the concussions.


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    Concussions have become very frequent in the modern day game. Football has always been e very competitive game and one of the reasons for it being more competitive and contested is the physical aspect of the game. In almost all leagues of the world, most of the emphasis is laid on the physical upbringing of the players and how they can be trained and brought up so that they can bring the best for the team for which they play. Concussions has hence become very common these days due to the competitive nature of the game and players compete each other very ferociously and do not care if they are hurting their opposition or not. Concussion is very dangerous and can cause immediate death of the player as the rib cage of the player may get destroyed and eventually he may not be able to breathe properly.

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    The most common clash is the concussion in the modern day game and when two players are competing for the ball, they come towards each other with great momentum. This ,momentum can turn out to be very useful and very dangerous at the same time as the use may be put down to the winning of the ball where as the abuse may be sown to a potential happening of concussion when the two players strike together, face to face with each other.

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    The impact is on the chest of the person and hence proper arrangements must be done so that the players must avoid this set of injury. There are a few things that are used these days so as to prevent concussion from happening and one of them is to use the padding that would cover the player’s chest. This helps absorb a lot of the shock that is produced when the players clash and eventually may save them from a fatal injury. All the players are advised to wear this protection.

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