How to Avoid Unexpected Credit Card Charges

Credit cards are two faced. One side of them reveals that they are extremely beneficial to people when in need and in the case of not having cash on hand at a certain point. Credit cards, if properly used carry the potential to be a life saver, but that also comes with the need to stay within certain limits and boundaries.

If a credit card is misused, a lot of worry and stress can come about from it. As a result, those that do not use the credit facility with care will be facing extra charged, most which are unexpected and can lead to further financial troubles.


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    Do Not Go Above Your Credit Limit

    The first and foremost rule of using a credit card is knowing your credit limit. This amount varies from person to person depending on various factors that the bank issuing the card determines. Salary and company one is working for are some of the major aspects a bank considers when issuing a credit card and fixes the credit limit as needed.

    Knowing your credit limit will not only keep you away from unexpected credit card charges, which are more like penalties for going overboard.

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    Pay the Minimum Each Month

    If you are looking to keep an outstanding amount running for the next couple of months, paying the minimum requirement is important to avoid any surcharges for not doing so. A single figure amount may become double in a matter of months if not dealt with carefully and only the bank will be justified in its stance.

    The best way to go about this is to know how much you are spending, keep a log and pay that amount off each month instead of piling it up and having to face credit issues later.

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    Keep Track of Annual Fees

    Most, but not all credit cards have some type of annual fee that are simply charges from the bank to keep your card active. Other yearly fees like SMS service, along with other notification facilities will be charged for annually, making it important to know what you are being charged for and when that deduction will occur.

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    Be Aware of Automatic Deductions

    When getting a credit card from a bank that already is the one you use to manage cash accounts with, remembering that if not advised otherwise, they will go ahead and cut the amount from your bank account on a monthly basis. Customers should be advised to know whether that is the case or not.

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