How to Avoid Washing Up on Saturday Morning

We all work so hard on the weekdays that most of us do not want to take bath on a Saturday morning. In order to enjoy your weekend and be fresh, it is highly recommended that you do not avoid washing up; however, most of us wish to just relax. If you are a teenager, you will be asked by your parents and family to wash up before breakfast. You can resist for a while but the parents keep persisting, which makes it extremely tough to handle at times.

Taking bath, especially in winters, is surely not the most appealing prospect. It is not easy to avoid washing up on Saturday mornings, if you are not smart. However, by playing some small tricks, you can easily avoid washing up.


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    Sleep in regular clothes

    Most of the people sleep in the night suits. However, if you want to avoid washing up on a Saturday morning, sleep in the regular clothes. In the morning, it will give an impression to the parents that you have already washed up.

    Brush your teeth properly before going to bed; otherwise, you will not feel fresh in the morning and you will not be able to avoid washing up in such a scenario.

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    Watch TV after breakfast

    Try to have a heavy breakfast on a Saturday morning, so that you can delay the lunch. If anyone asks you to wash up, you have an excuse that you will take bath after lunch. Watch TV after breakfast and relax. If your family see you watching television, they would be less inclined to force you for shower. Grab some snacks after breakfast and eat them while you are watching TV. If you eat a lot of snacks, you will feel less hungry for lunch, helping you avoid washing up.

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    Do things which take time

    In order to avoid washing up on a Saturday morning, the best thing is to start doing things which take time. You can start to clean your room and organise things. It will be satisfying for your family to see you cleaning your stuff and they would not force you for a bath.

    Once you get tired, you can start to study in your room, which is another great way of avoiding a shower. If this does not work, you can go out with your friends and spend some time out; hence, eliminating all the chances of having to wash up.

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