How to Have a Japanese Style Bath with a Western Bathtub

Bathing and cleaning is as essential as eating or drinking. Ways of cleaning one’s body however, have evolved over the centuries and people bathe differently in different regions of the world. Slowly but gradually, the western style of bathing is getting more and more common all across the globe.

The Japanese idea of bathing is to keep dirt and soap away from the bathing area, so that a person can take bath in pure water. This is quite a healthy idea, as it can help you clean your body in a more efficient manner and avoid germs. This procedure requires an area outside of the tub to wash up first and to clean your body with soap, which is not the case in most western style bathrooms.

However, there is no need to lose hope if you are looking to have a Japanese style bath with a western bathtub, as certain ways can be adopted to do the needful.


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    Take a shower before going into the bathtub

    Before you go into the bathtub, take a shower and clean your body with soap. The recommended way is to apply soap on your whole body first and then rinse all at once. Instead of using hot water, you should go for warm or cold water in the shower.

    Once you are done with the shower and have cleaned your body thoroughly, you should not now dry up your body once. Make sure that you do not take any germs with you in the bathtub. Most of the people are lazy in drying their body, especially the sides, after shower. However, dry up each and every part of your body, even your back and feet.

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    Fill the bathtub with hot water

    Warm water is preferred in western style baths but Japanese tend to use hot water (approximately 100 degrees Fahrenheit). Fill the bathtub with hot water but you must be a little careful as your skin may get very dry or burnt, if the water is too hot.

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    Go into the bathtub very slowly

    Once the bathtub is ready, lower yourself in very slowly. Take your feet inside first and the rest of the body should follow. You will definitely find the water to be very hot at start; however, you will get used to it very soon.

    Close your eyes, take some deep breaths and enjoy the Japanese bath in a western bathtub.

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