How to Purchase And Wear a Bathrobe

A bathrobe is like a gown which is manufactured by towel like material. It is a loose coat-shaped clothe which is open from the front and has a fabric belt. It is most commonly worn after taking bath so that it absorbs the water and keeps your body warm. Bathrobes are also worn on rising from bed or in the morning when you are underdressed. Bathrobes are easily available from many stores near you. However, you need to decide which style and size you want to buy.


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    Type of fabric

    First of all you need to decide which type of bathrobe you want to wear. One form of bathrobe is like a towel from inside which helps you dry yourself quickly after bathing. Second type of bathrobe is the soft type.

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    Then you need to decide the length. If you are the person who likes to sleep keeping your mouth under your blanket then you should choose full-length bathrobe. In other cases you can buy half-length or three-fourth length.

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    Bathrobes are available in every colour. Thus you can buy a bathrobe of the colour you like the most. Most men like white or blue bathrobe while women prefer pink colour for bathrobes.

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    Slip arms

    First slide your arms inside the bathrobe. Remember to place it evenly on your shoulders.

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    After settling the bathrobe on your shoulders, take the left half and place it around your body towards the right side.

    Then tie the ribbon in a bow. Remember that ribbon is usually present in the left robe half.

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    Wrap the other side around your body

    Then you need to wrap the right side of the rope towards your left side. You need to keep this in position with help from your left elbow.

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    Hold and fold left and right tie end of the outer robe

    Next you need to grab both end of the outer robe tie with single hand. Then take the left tie end towards the right through the loop and pull them firmly.

    Afterwards, fold the left end of the tie so it will hand together with the right end of the tie.

    Then cross left tie end over the right tie end and then bring the left tie end under and through this.

    Pull both so one will come out on each side.

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