How to Replace a Shower Stall Door

Bath shower doors are one of the first things that have to be brought into consideration when rebuilding or remodeling a bathroom. These can range from heavy glass showers to frame-less shower doors and the instructions for each of the kind are different to the others, due to the nature of the works involved. These shower doors are manufactured in varying dimensions and styles and are catered for perfect fitting of the door. Before the shopping, you will have to carefully measure the dimensions of the door and the shower stall opening. It is advised that the readings must be taken in three places namely the top, the bottom and the middle.


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    The first and foremost step is to decide which the hinged side is. Many shower doors have the option of placing the hinge on either of the sides so you must carefully study the spacing that the bathroom has and then accordingly select the side of hinge so that the shower door opening does not interfere with anything else.

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    The next step involves the installation of the bottom track. You have to measure the width of the bottom track and then cut it to the required size. Remember that spaces must be left for the side jambs and the manufacturer adjustments vary. Mark the location with a pencil and please make sure that the distance is the same at both the outer edge and the front edge. After cutting the bottom track in the right dimensions, you will have to smooth the edges with filing.

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    Now place the bottom track on the flattest part of the shower ledge and make sure that the lip of the track faces the outside of the shower.

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    Next you will have to install the wall jambs. Firstly place one jamb against the shower stall. Do this by marking the positions of the screws with a pencil and use the holes in the jamb to act as a template. Please repeat the same procedure for the other side of the opposite wall.

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    Next in line is to install the bottom track. Firstly start with removing the tape that holds the bottom track and then apply a bead of silicone caulk on its underside and then install it on the marked location.

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    Now please add the hinge jamb to the door panel by laying the door on the floor and inserting the hinge jamb on the side frame of the door.

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    Next is to install the door panel and the strike jamb. Do it in proper alignment with the slots. Adjust the panel to the best position and then let it dry after caulking. The procedure is now complete.

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