How to Make a Bathroom Retreat

If you want to enjoy the luxury of your very own comfortable space then look only to your bathroom, which, with a makeover, can become your “fortress of solitude”.


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    For a soothing effect, it is best advised to paint the walls of your bathroom with eye-pleasing colours like light yellow or light pink. Better not use dark colours as they are heavier on the eyes. A fresh coat of paint will easily transform your ordinary bathroom into an exotic retreat.

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    Now the fun part begins as you need to decorate your bathroom. Start by choosing eye catching coloured curtain, rugs and toilet seat covers. Baby blue and light pink are a good colour combination. A rug will work as something comfortable to step in after a long day’s work.

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    The next step is to light some aromatic scented candles. The reason for using these scented candles is that they create a calming atmosphere, relaxing the mind and body. Strategically place the candles around the bath.

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    It is a good idea to place fresh flowers just around the sink and the windows. Roses might be your obvious choice here. You will be surprised how flowers will change the look of your bathroom. You can also use a combination of different types of flowers according to your taste.

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    The human nerves cannot be calmed without some soothing music. Make sure to turn your bathroom into a staple of relaxation by light, soothing, classical music. This will help you in finding your inner peace.

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    Make sure that you have all the necessary pampering equipment like shampoos, nail polish, a conditioner, facial cleanser, moisturizer and bubble bath.

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    You would also require a soft cotton bathrobe for wrapping yourself after you have had a long, comforting bath.

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    To further enhance your experience, place a bath pillow on your bath to support your head and neck while you soak yourself in the tub.

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    Apply a cleansing mask on your face, as your body relaxes in the surrounding of candles and flowers.

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    After spending a considerable period of time in the bath tub, you now need to pat yourself dry and moisturize your body.

  • 11

    Now wear the bathrobe and paint your nails. You can also use perfume.

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    Relax for a while before cleaning up the bathroom.

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