How to Install a Bathtub Door

For how long are you putting up with dripping bathtub curtain? Get rid of the molds that are formed as a result by replacing it with a bathtub door and make your life trouble-free! Installing a bathtub door will not only give your bathroom a new look but will also add an extra grace to it. It does not require special skills for you to install the bathtub door.  All you need to do is to read the article given below on how to install a bath tub door and get started.

Supplies and Materials:

– Bathtub Door Unit
– Hacksaw
– Screwdriver
– Measuring Tape
– Pencil
– Note Pad


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    Taking Measurements:

    Take measurements from wall to wall and from top to bottom of the tub with the help of a measuring tape. Once you take the measurements, record them down in your note pad.

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    Selecting the right bathtub door unit:

    As you are installing this on your own so before buying it is recommended to undergo a little bit of research on the type of doors that best suits your need. Also since the price range of the bathtub doors also vary so keep in mind the amount of money that you can spend and then make your selection accordingly.

    There are two kinds of bathtub doors available in the market, one comes with frame and the other comes without it. Also there are many varieties of glasses available. There are also the bathtub doors that have bypass doors or tri panel doors. The bypass doors are the ones with two doors and the tri panel doors are the ones with three doors. So if you want to have a wider space for entering into the bathtub then go for the tri-panel door otherwise a bathtub with the bypass doors will do.

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    Cutting and installing the bathtub door track:

    Before getting started it is important to keep the manufacturer's guide with you. Now start by spotting the points on the two sides of the walls for the horizontal track. In the similar manner spot the points for the vertical track as well. Depending upon the thickness of the tracks, leave a measurement allowance of approximately ¼ inches from both the ends of the tracks in order to let them fit into one another from both sides. Now install the tracks on the spotted points and tighten them with screw drivers.

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    Installing the doors:

    Now again refer to the instructions that come along with the bathtub door unit and follow them for installing the doors. First of all screw the rollers on the upper part of the door. After tightening them up with the screw driver, fit the door-guides on the horizontal track in the center of both the ends. Now by leaning one door a little, fix the top rollers by connecting them on the upper track. Similarly set up the other door-guide. Once you have fixed the guides, fix the handles on the holes made in the glass with the material provided. Now tighten them up.  After installing it successfully make sure that the installed doors are sliding without any obstruction.

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