How to Keep Warm After Showering in Winter

Nothing hits the spot quite like a hot shower in winter – it’s a chance to get away from the freezing atmosphere, and it’s hard to be anything but happy in your private little bubble in the warm steamy surroundings of the shower cubicle.

However, the worst part is generally having to step out of the shower, and back into the harsh reality of a world that is still trapped in the freezing throes of winter. In addition to the fact that the sudden exposure to the cold atmosphere might be something you dread, an abrupt change in temperature can also make you ill. However, there are certain methods you can employ to make sure you stay warm even after showering in winter.


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    Before you step in to your shower, make sure you turn the heating on in your room – if this is a heater, or an open fire, make sure someone is around to keep an eye on it, so it doesn’t cause a fire. This will make your room nice and cosy. If you’re using a heater or a fire, put out clothing items like socks and sweaters near the source of the heat (but at a safe distance) so that they are nice and warm by the time you get back. It also helps if your room is carpeted, as a bare, cold floor can be extremely unpleasant to step on to during winter.

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    Next, proceed to the shower. Take both your hair towel and body towel or bathrobe with you, as having to go outside for them after your shower will cause you uncomfortable exposure to the cold. Instead, keep the towels in a nearby, accessible place – hang them over the shower door, or on the curtain rail.

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    Take a good, hot shower. The hot water will create plenty of steam, which will warm up the bathroom even more. Just before you finish showering, incorporate a little bit of cold water into the stream of hot water, to gradually get used to a small drop in temperature.

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    When you are done with your shower, wrap the hair towel around your head, step out of the shower, and put on your bathrobe or body towel. The steam in the bathroom will make sure you are still reasonably warm.

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    When you are wrapped up in towels from head to foot, step outside. With the heating having been left on, the room should be comfortably warm.

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    Proceed to put your clothes on, and slip on the sweater and socks you left in front of the heater/fire – they should be warm and fluffy, ensuring that you stay cosy and protected against the cold. Finally, once you are clothed, stay near the heater/fire (preferably with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee) until your body is warm from head to toe, and your hair is dried through.

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