How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Every individual is busy in his/her professional life and rarely finds any time to go through some relaxing activities. Going to a spa and massage centre can be really beneficial for you, especially after a tiresome day at work. However, not all of us can afford to go for a spa centre on regular basis and it is also difficult to set aside time for such activities from our busy routines. What if you arrange for a spa in your own bathroom at home? It will incur very negligible cost and you can relax in your bathtub anytime you desire.


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    You need to make some arrangements in your bath. Start with removing all the items which are not a permanent fixture, including towel rods and switch plates. Spa rooms are specially designed and you have to make such arrangements at your bathroom for getting the true benefits from the treatment.

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    Fill out any spots in the bathroom with drywall or putty and don’t forget to use the sandpaper before doing it.

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    Use silicone caulking around the bathtub and clean up all the walls thoroughly with any ammonia-based cleaner. Apply tape on around the accessories like mirrors and lighting fixtures as well.

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    Select a colour from the palette of nature and paint the entire bathroom with a latex-based paint of that shade. This will add the soothing effect in spa. Ensure to let the paint dry for two to three days before proceeding to the next steps.

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    Next comes decorating the walls with artwork to make the environment pleasant and peaceful. You can even place live or silk plants in the bathroom and also purchase other bathroom accessories which match the new look of your bathroom.

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    You have to organise all the items in your bathroom in a way to make the entire look attractive and minimise clutter. You can use baskets, jars or shelves to hold all the necessities in the bathroom.

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    Once your bathroom is ready for spa, you have to purchase the items needed for the actual process. Buy plush bath mats, fluffy robe, matching towel, bath pillows and gel eye masks for your spa.

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    You can either make herbal ingredients at home or purchase directly from the beauty stores. These items include soaps, oils, salts and masks. Always prefer to have aromatic beauty products to make the environment more soothing and relaxing better.

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    You can light up some candles and play light music during the spa to set the mood.

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