How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom

Bathrooms in most houses are the smallest of rooms. However, their importance in our life is paramount and they are the source behind our hygiene and cleanliness. Managing space inside a small washroom can be a tough job to do. Most people do not like the caved in effect and are not satisfied with how their washrooms look. The narrow floor space irritates many others who keep bumping into fixtures. Our step by step guide has some ideas which can help you give an improved look to your bathroom and gain that satisfaction. It is always best to work with challenges and complete them.


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    Reduce clutter:

    Wall-mounted skinny shelves which mount up rather than out are very helpful because they take up wall space but spare the air space in the wash. Put baskets to keep personal care items so that they are not spread around. Corner shelves in triangular form fit in smartly and provide you space to put your products on. Under the sink and around the commode shelves are also available. Put wicket baskets for towels and laundry to reduce the clutter in the wash. Throwing off expired and unnecessary objects will also help you maintain a neat look.

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    Paint and interior:

    Use white color and neutrals on the walls to give a bright effect. Dark colors indicate heaviness and fullness and make the bathroom look even more smaller. Use bright lighting as dim lighting which makes the room smaller and closed in feel.

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    Glass doors:

    Glass gives the feel of expansion. Try to maximize the use of glass in your washroom. Shower blocks also come in glass. Glass shelves and cabinet doors are also available. Use reflecting mirrors wisely to make the room look visually larger and they can also act as decorative items.

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    Increase floor space:

    For visible difference in the floor space available, you can consider installing a vanity in place of your wash stand. A bath tub also takes a lot of space. See, if you could eliminate it and install a walk in shower which is going to make a huge difference.

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