How to Make Homemade Shower Massaging Cream

Shower massage cream provides you extra relaxation and soothes your body while taking a bath. A few minutes of massage during the bath and then taking a hot shower will extract all the tiredness from your body, making you feel fresher and lighter. However, instead of purchasing expensive massage cream brands from the market, it will be more convenient for you to prepare your own shower massage cream at home. This fun-filled experience won’t eat up much of your time or money and will be as effective as any branded product in the market. You can further made modification to your massage according to your skin type and preferences. Mind you, making your own shower massage cream will involve only the ingredients available in your house and you won’t need to spend an extra penny to buy anything from the market!

Things Required:

– Liquid soap
– A table spoon
– Water
– Empty container to store the cream


  • 1

    You need a container to put your massage cream in. Any suitable empty container or a used lotion bottle can be used to store your shower massage cream. Just keep in mind that the container should have a sufficiently wide mouth so that you can easy add your cream into it without spilling around it. Wash the container with soap and let it opened to dry up.

  • 2

    Before getting started, you need to wash your hands thoroughly with water.

  • 3

    Take your liquid soap and pour a small amount of it on your wet hand, not more than the size of a 50 cent coin.

  • 4

    Start rubbing your both hands together with the liquid soap. You have to keep rubbing your hands until you make a frothy stuff with the soap. This creamy stuff should be white in colour.

  • 5

    Use your one hand to scoop all the cream out of the other hand. Wash away the hand you have just scooped out and hold the cream in the other hand.

  • 6

    Use your washed hand to take a table spoon and scoop out the cream in your other hand. Transfer the cream in the spoon to the container you washed earlier.

  • 7

    Keep repeating the process again and again to make sufficient quantity of shower massage cream. Put all the cream you made into the container and close it our tightly. Every time you have to take a shower, get your body wet with water and then apply your homemade cream to it. Massage for 5 to 10 minutes and then take a shower.

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