How to Build a Dry Composting Toilet

A dry composting toilet can be built for around $25. There are several advantages of the toilet such as no water bill, no water usage and no sewage bill as well. This type off toilet creates free “humanure.” It regenerates waste rather than dumping it into a tank where it can contaminate well water, and also yields rich fertilizer. Humanure, like other animal manures, consists of a number of nutrients, which plants need to be healthy. There are a lot of ways to build a dry composting toilet with good effect.

Things Required:

– 4 or 5 gallon buckets
– Nails and hammer
– Screws and a screw gun
– Saw and a measuring tape


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    Wood frame

    You can use nails, hammer, screws, screw gun and a measuring tape to make the wooden frame that houses the composting toilet bucket. You can get these from any store.

    You need to purchase ¾ inch by 3 inch by 18 inch board, ¾ inch by 18 inch by 18 inch board and two sets of hinges as these boards will be attached together to offer the wooden top a base on which the toilet seat rests on.

    For the ywo sides, get two 1 inch by 10 inch by 18 inch boards and two 1 inch by 10 inch by 20 ½ inch boards. Buy four ¾ inch by 3 inch by 12 inch boards for the legs.

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    Seat cover

    Get four or five similar 5 gallon buckets, preferrably with lids. If that is not the case, you will require a toilet seat mounted with a lid to cover the bucket in use.

    The process is simple as the 5 gallon bucket goes into a wooden frame you had made in the first step. These buckets can be changed after they are filled with enough human waste.

    The buckets become very heavy when filled with humanure and as a result it is hard for a normal person to lift or carry them. It is normally recommended to remove these buckets once they become half filled.

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    You have to select an organic cover material, which can be used to line the bottom of every bucket. This will save the bucket material from wearing out.

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