How to Bathe a Child with Chickenpox

Chickenpox is an infectious but not a lethal disease. Most of the people have suffered from chickenpox in their childhood while only a few cases have been observed where people experienced this disease in the adulthood. The disease is highly contagious and can be spread through coughing very easily. It normally starts with the itching on head or other upper body parts but as the itching continues to grow, rash appears all over the body. It is recommended that a child suffering from chickenpox should be kept in isolation at home until he recovers completely as this disease easily spreads through air.

You should be very cautious while treating your child suffering from chickenpox, there are numerous cures available for this disease but the process is very painful and children often turn aggressive. If you are taking care of the child suffering from chickenpox, you should note that chickenpox becomes too sensitive and can be inflamed through a scratch. The treatment can take more than 10 days and it is hard for a person to avoid shower for such a long time. If you intent to give shower to your child, you should have all the necessary things and do not use anything that is hard or could scratch the chickenpox.


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    Note that you should not apply any hard stuff to your child’s body as this will only increase the pain and it is highly likely that the chickenpox will be scratched. Therefore, you need to be very firm and sensitive in this case.

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    You should gather all the things including body wash/shower gel, two pieces baby shower foam and shampoo.

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    Make sure that you have plenty of warm water and it will not run out while giving bath to your child.

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    If you have a shower tub, fill it with some warm water to make your child comfortable.

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    Take one piece of shower foam and dip it deep into the water. Then paste shower gel on it and start applying it to the body of your child very carefully.

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    After applied all over the body, rinse the foam well and start cleaning gel from the child’s body.

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    After you have cleaned the body, take the second piece of foam and use it to dry the body of your kid. Subsequently, cover him/her with towel to secure him/her from cold.

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