How to Overcome Ablutophobia

Overcoming any fear takes a great deal of courage and Ablutophobia, which is the fear of bathing or washing, is no different. However, it is best to get over this fear as bathing is essential for keeping oneself clean.


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    Take a deep breath as you get ready to overcome your fear of washing bathing. You may find yourself feeling afraid, but remember that overcoming any fear takes a lot of courage and will. Taking a deep breath will allow you to relax and gain some confidence.

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    If you can get someone to help you get over your fear of being washed, ask them to put their hand in water and then splash it on you. Get them to start slowly at first and splashing just a little bit of water at you. As you gain confidence, however, ask them to increase their speed and the amount of water that they splash at you.

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    Turn the shower on and keep it on low power so that it drips instead of letting it come out at full force. Let it fill up the bathtub.

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    Gradually put your hand in water. Start off with the fingers and then slowly put your hand in water. Pull it out if you start feeling uncomfortable at any point. Take as much time as you want to become comfortable with the water touching your hands.

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    Keep playing with the water for a while, moving your hands in it and splashing at little at yourself. Once you find yourself growing comfortable with it, prepare to get into the water.

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    Put your right leg in the bathtub first. Do not rush it. Instead, slowly insert your foot in the tub until it is completely immersed in water. Keep taking it down until it touches the base of the tub. Stay like this for a few second while taking deep breaths.

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    After a few second, bring your other leg inside the bathtub as well. Again, take as much time as you want to completely immerse your feet and half of your leg in water. Stay like this for a few seconds again and take deep breathes. Keep reminding yourself that you are strong and ready to overcome your fear of bathing.

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    Gradually lower the rest of your body into the bathtub. Keep lowering it until you get to a sitting position. Stay still and take deep breathes. Congratulate yourself for coming this far. Smile to ease off the tension and straighten your legs.

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