How to Use Less Water in Your Toilet

The need of the moment is conserving water which is such a precious natural resource that most people fail to take into consideration and waste by the tons on a daily basis. Flushing the toilet can result in a lot of water being lost, which is why trying to save as much as possible will not only help in conserving the natural resource, but will also lower your water bill.

Follow some easy techniques to help save this valuable natural resource by using less water in your toilet.

Things Required:

– Half Gallon Plastic Jug Filled with Water
– Low-Flow washers


  • 1

    The first step in working towards using less water in your toilet is by removing the toilet tank lid. Set it on the floor, but make sure to put it in such a way that it does not slip or get stepped on because it is fragile. Grab a half gallon plastic jug and fill it with water. The goal will be to fill the toilet water tank from the plastic jug.

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    Empty the water in the toilet tank by pressing on the lever. When the toilet tank is empty and there is space then place the jug filled with water close by on the floor. Make sure to not move around the things within the toilet tank to save you from any problems.

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    Now it is time to fill the tank up. Using the half gallon jug in the water tank, pour only half of it to fill it up. You want just half a gallon of water to be used for every flush. This is a great conservation method because it will slash the consumption dramatically by half. Saving half a gallon in a single session means countless gallons at the end of the year. Statistics have reported some people saving up to 360 or more gallons in just a single month because of this method. Give it a try and save that money for where it counts.

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    Another good method to use less water in your toilet is to use low-flow washers that will limit the amount of water that goes in to the toilet tank. In essence, instead of filling all the way, the tank will use only half the amount of water to flush. This can save countless gallons of water as well.

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