How to Have an Inexpensive Full Wash Shower

A Full Wash Shower is not always expensive. You can do without the use of expensive bubble baths or face packs. The only things you need are your daily face wash, your shampoo and conditioner and a good body wash. You can get ready for a party or a function at home rather than going to a spa and spending a huge amount of money on getting treatments.

A Full Wash Shower will normally take 20 minutes at most and is effective enough to give you a fresh look. You feel fresh and neat when you come out of the shower with the use of daily products


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    Gather all the supplies you have

    It is good to gather all the supplies before you step into the shower. Try to keep all the supplies in the shower case before you turn on the water so that you do not face any inconvenience afterwards. The basic things you need for an inexpensive Full Wash Shower are face wash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a loofah scrubbing sponge

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    Step into the shower

    Once you have gathered all the supplies and placed them in the shower case, turn on the shower and step in. Make sure the water is mild as hot water makes your skin too dry. Stand under the shower and completely rinse yourself

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    Apply body wash

    Apply a few drops of body wash on the loofah scrubbing sponge and scrub yourself from bottom to the top. Start with the legs and move up to the neck. Use more body was if required. Make sure you do not apply the scrub to your face as body wash is not appropriate

  • 4

    Apply shampoo and conditioner

    Once you are done with the body wash, shampoo your hair and wash them thoroughly. After that, apply a good conditioner to your hair and massage gently to give the hair extra nourishment. Wash the hair thoroughly again

  • 5

    Wash your face

    In the end, wash your face with the help of a face wash and rinse nicely. Make sure you massage the face gently when using a face wash and leave it for a good one or two minutes

  • 6

    Dry yourself with a towel

    Once you have used the body wash, shampooed your hair and washed your face, turn off the shower and dry yourself with a towel. Use a separate towel for your hair if possible and apply a moisturizer to your legs and arms in the end

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