How to Have a Nature Inspired Bath

A nature inspired bath is a nice way to relax yourself. Are you also planning to take a deliciously enjoyable nature inspired bath but can’t afford going to a spa? Don’t worry, you can make your own nature inspired bath in your bathroom using some common and easily available natural products, like essential oils, flower petals etc.

Things Required:

– Bath tub
– Water
– Essential oil of your own choice
– Flower Petals of your own choice
– Towel
– Candles (optional)


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    Decide the place:

    Decide the place where you would like to have a luxuriant bath. Some of the ideas you can inspire for your bath are a warm, soothing mineral pool in the midst of your lawn or garden, an energizing cool stream, a frothy, cascading waterfall and the bank of a river.

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    Prepare your bath

    Fill up your bath considering the temperature of your surroundings and how you want to enjoy it. To make your bath more natural, add a few drops of some essential oil. Some of the natural smelling essential oils are, Peppermint, Lavender, Jasmine, Tea tree, Fresh grass, Coconut, Rose and Lily. If the natural point you have chosen to inspire your bath is frothy, add a water softening fizz bomb. However, make sure that you use a scentless fizz bomb. Sprinkle some rose petals or mixed flower petals, depending upon your own choice, over the bath.

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    Add some beauty to the surroundings

    Make your surroundings more beautiful and relaxing by lighting some natural candles around the bath. You can pick an aromatherapy candle in the scent of your choice. Soft music like Jazz is another addition you might like to add to your nature inspired bath. Adjust the light in your bathroom keeping in mind the natural point you would have loved to take a bath. For example if you have in your mind a warm, comforting mineral pool, streaming with sunlight, switch on all the lights and draw up the blinds as well.

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    Soak in the bath and enjoy

    Get a towel, spray some natural scented perfume or oil over it and roll to make a bath pillow. Get into the bath, lie back with your head supported by the towel and imagine you are in your dream nature spot. Soak yourself for at least 20 minutes, while allowing your body to relax and enjoy the nature inspired bath.

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