How to Use a Bidet Toilet

There is a good chance that if you are in Europe, the Middle East, East Asia, China or Latin America, you will definitely come across a bidet in the washroom. It is a basin next to the toilet that serves to clean the anal and genital area after using the toilet. It can also be used to freshen yourself up. The very first experience with a bidet toilet is always a bit intimidating, but they are quite easy and hygienic to use. Follow some simple guidelines the learn how to use a bidet toilet.

Things Required:

– Toilet
– Bidet
– Water jets
– Towel
– Tissue paper


  • 1

    Getting started

    First, use the toilet. The function of the bidet is to get you cleaned up after toilet use. A lot of people feel that a bidet is a good alternative to toilet paper, but some use both items. You can face the bidet’s water controls or you can face away from them on majority of the bidets like you would on a toilet. It is simple to maintain the temperature and flow of the water if the controls are in front of you. On the other hand, if you have pants on you will require to take them off in order to extend the bidet in this way. There are several bidet designs. Therefore, the control of the jets and the part of your body that you want to clean might tell you the best way to face.

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    Temperature and jet strengths

    Begin turning on the hot water if the bidet has this option and then add cold water until you reach a desirable temperature. Know that some bidets generate a high jet of water with a small turn of the control. On a few bidets you can hover above or sit down on it. Most bidets do not have seats and you have to sit on the rim. Moreover, some do not have jets and just a faucet.

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    Clean the desired area

    Clean yourself with your hands like you do when you take a shower. After that, dry your skin. Many bidets have an air dryer and others have toilet paper to dry yourself with. Sometimes a towel is also present for cleaning purposes. Lastly, rinse out the bidet by running the jets for some time.

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