How to Make a Body Wrap Towel After a Shower

You should be very careful while wrapping your body with towel after a shower. The need to wrap yourself with towel arises when you do not want your clothes to get wet. It is often observed that when people wear clothes after taking a shower, their clothes get wet. No matter how well they dry their body with a towel but their clothes get wet and this irritates many people. To get rid of this problem, people take a shower, dry their body and then wrap themselves with a towel and wait for a while. After ensuring that their body is dry, only then they wear clothes.

When going to a party or some other occasion, people wrap themselves with a towel and in the meantime, they do other things like makeup or apply deodorants. If you are going to cover your body with a towel, make sure that it is tied well and will not fall off while you perform other tasks. You should be very careful with that because if the towel slips away, you might have to face a lot of embarrassment. Do not hesitate while taking suggestions from your friends or family members regarding how to tie the towel properly.


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    You should choose the towel wisely. The size of the towel should be appropriate according to your height and size of the body. Wearing too small or too large towels is not recommended; therefore the size should be reasonable to keep you safe. There is no need to buy an extensive towel but it should be beautiful and big.

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    To make sure that the towel is tied well and grips your body firmly, place one end of the towel under your arms and wrap it around your body, making sure that the other end of towel is on the other side of your body.

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    While doing the wrapping part, make sure that your chest is tightly tied to the towel as this will plays a strong role. After you wrap your body in the towel, and the second end is in its place, pull it a little harder to tighten it. Remember that it should neither be too tight nor too lose and you should feel comfortable in it.

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    After both corners are in their places, insert both ends in the towel and you are good to do whatever you want.

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