How to Install a Bathroom Sink Pop-Up Assembly

Installing a bathroom sink pop-up assembly is a daunting task but with right kinds of tools and proper information of different ways to do it, you will be able to install a bathroom sink pop-up assembly in relatively short time. It is important to understand that you need to install a bathroom sink pop-up with great care as various kinds of aspects which if you do not take notice of can ruin the complete installation of the entire bathroom sink pop-up assembly. You need to take care of many aspects along with keeping an eye while replacing a faucet.


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    Installation process

    The installation process of a bathroom sink pop-up assembly is very similar with other manufacturers retaining nuts and connecting with the leakage. Usually people need to install a bathroom sink pop-up assembly when they build new bathrooms or refurnish it. It is also important to know that new bathroom and its faucet come with a pop-up drain and you will have to install the drain with the faucet. Some people say that installing a bathroom sink pop-up assembly means that you just need to replace the faucet but this is not correct, in fact there are other things also involved with it. Though it is extra work load for you but still it will give you relative ease with a bathroom sink pop-up assembly.

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    Place bucket under the sink drain

    While installing the bathroom sink pop-up assembly, first you need to place a bucket under the sink drain. You also need to know that you should place the bucket under the sink and below the sink trap. This will collect any water that might come out while you work on it. Now you should use proper tools like pliers for opening up the channel lock. Your can also do thiis with a small pipe wrench quite easily. It’s a perfect tool for opening up the channel lock and pliers.

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    Nut securing tailpipe to sink drain

    First you need to locate the nut location of the tailpipe to the sink drain. Loosen the nut a little bit and remove the upper part of the tailpipe. Be sure to take your time while doing this procedure as you do not want to make any mistakes.

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    Assembling new sink drain body

    After loosening the nut, the upper body of tailpipe should be removed and assemble a new sink drain body.

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