How to Clean Yourself Without an Enema

Feeling too insecure and dirty? You want to clean yourself inside out? It is possible especially with the availability of enema that can help you clean yourself and take an internal bath. However, a bath tub with jets is a requirement to get optimum comfort level after a crazy experience like this.


  • 1

    Buy the enema bag from the medical store or you can also buy that online. The package will also contain the directions on the usage of the bag. Follow each instruction carefully to escape any damage.

  • 2

    Turn the jets on of your bath tub and you have to confirm that the jets are surrounded by water all around; at least one to two inches of water should be around the jets that has covered them completely.

  • 3

    Tell your mind that it has to relax during the whole procedure because if you are doing it with no thought behind it, it is useless. Breathe slowly and make yourself at ease.

  • 4

    Sit with your knees against your chest. Place your anus in such a way that the water is shooting straight into it. You will feel it so there is no need to take any sort of tension whether the water is going straight into the anus and everything is alright.

  • 5

    Don’t just jump out of the bath tub after a few seconds. Breathe deeply and enjoy the pleasure of relaxation therapy for few minutes.

  • 6

    After you have attained enough satisfaction, stand out of water. You will feel that some sort of water is still present inside you but after few minutes that feeling will be gone. Your bowels will feel like they are filled completely but that will end after a couple of minutes.

  • 7

    Relax and take a deep breath after getting out of water. Relieve the nerves and enjoy the feeling. If you feel like doing it again, go for it.

  • 8

    At the end, take a shower and clean every aspect of your body with utmost care.

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