How to Install a Towel Bar in a Bathroom

After drying yourself with a towel, you need to hang it on a towel bar. However, the wet towel is heavier and so you need to tightly fit it on the bathroom wall. You can install it without damaging the bathroom walls. It can also be used to hang your clothes when taking a shower and other purposes. In case its installation causes any damage, it will range from chipped paint to a large hole in the drywall.

Things Required:

– Towel bar
– Stud finder
– Wood screws
– Anchor toggle bolts
– Screwdriver
– Level


  • 1

    Seek the location

    You need to determine the location where you want to install the towel bar.  Install it near the bathtub or the shower area so that you can easily reach the towel bar. Avoid choosing a place above the sink so towel won’t fall on it. Also do not place it near cabinet as you will face difficulty in opening it. In addition to this, you need to get a towel bar which should be longer than your big towel. If necessary install two towel bars, you can install one near the shower area and the other near the sink. Remember to install 48 inches above the floor so it can easily be reached by the children.

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    Locating wall studs

    If you install the towel bar directly on the drywalls with screws, the screws may get off after a certain period of time. In addition to this, with the wet towel pressure, the screws will loosen up and eventually fall. It is strongly recommended that you should insert screws into a wall stud which should be at least 16 inches apart. You will also be required to get a bar on which holding screws are 16 inches apart. After getting this, you need to locate the wall stud with a stud finder. It is easily available from your local hardware store or home improvement store.

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    Attach the towel bar

    After locating the stud, you need to mark it with pencil. Later hold the edge against the wall in a way the mark is placed on the right end of straight edge. Next place the level and mark the left end. Position the towel bar in a way the screws are aligned with the drawn marks. In the end, insert the screws with a screwdriver or a drill.

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