How to Air Dry Oneself After Showering

Perhaps you forget to hang to your towel in the towel-bar while going for shower and now you don’t have anything to dry your body. At the same time, you cannot go out of the washroom sopping wet and putting on dampen under garments. However, don’t worry as there are some best possible ways to Air dry yourself before finding your way to the towel. These simple techniques are easy to perform, allowing you to dry off within few minutes. Rubbing your body with towel to wipe it dry can give birth to some unwanted wrinkles as your skin is sensitive. On the other hand, the simple air drying techniques are the natural ways to dry your body and therefore decrease the chances of wrinkles.


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    Squeeze Your Hair

    Once you have turned off the shower, grab your hair and squeeze as much water out of it as you can. Now, use a hair-catcher or an elastic band to tie up your hair. This simple method is very useful for hair with medium or long length. For short hair, vigorously run your hair through it few times until lightly dampens.

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    Drip Dry Method

    What is the hurry? Chill out in your bathroom for few seconds and let the gravitational force help you.  Stand or sit aside for around one minute and enjoy noticing that you will have around 20% less water to air dry your body. The longer you wait before getting out of the washroom, the less water you have to deal with.

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    Squeegee Method

    Before stepping out of your bathroom, try the human squeegee method. Place your hand at right angle to your body’s surface and flick the water drops off from your face, neck, arms, stomach, legs and feet. Bear in your mind the gravitational force is your natural friend, so it only make sense when your start dropping off water from your head and work down to your feet.

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    Fan Method

    Oops! What about the water drops on your back? We know it’s hard for you to take your hand to your back. The best thing you can do is, step out of the bathroom, close the door of your room and turn on the fan. Wait for few minutes and let the magical air waves do their work. You might be thinking that what to do during winter season when it is hard to turn on fan at the end of a shower. Simple is the solution, switch on the blow dryer or hair dryer and hold it against your back.

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    Towel Dry Method

    Now you are almost dry, find your towel and gently wipe your body dry with it, especially your hair. Your body is dry, apply the body cream or moisturizer and proceed with your life. Have a nice day!

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