How to Take a Shower in Under a Few Minutes

Getting a quick shower is always needed, especially when we are getting late from work or for school. Life in the modern world has become so hectic that we do not have enough time for ourselves. Majority of us have poor sleeping habits, which not only affect our health but also our daily routine. People, who sleep late at night, find it extremely hard to wake up on time next morning, eventually having no time to take shower before heading off for work. An early morning shower is extremely important, in order to take a fresh start to the day.

Most of the people try to get the shower done within a few minutes but they still end up spending about 20 minutes in the bathroom. However, if you take little things into account and you organize yourself well, you can surely save a lot of time in the shower. In order to do so, you have got to be disciplined and smart.


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    Organize yourself before sleeping

    Before you sleep, you should have your clothes for the next day ready and hang them close to the bathroom. If you do not do that, finding the right clothes will be a big hassle in the morning, consuming a lot of your time, which can be frustrating. So in order to start the day with a positive frame of mind, get your clothes, under-wears, shoes and socks ready beforehand.

    If you are a male, you should shave before sleeping, as it will save a lot of precious time in the morning.

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    Go to the bathroom

    It is important to set the alarm before you fall asleep. Some people have a habit of sleeping over the alarm. In such a scenario, it is important to ask someone at home to wake you up on time. Having woken up, go the bathroom straightaway and turn on the hot shower while you brush your teeth. By doing this, you will not have to wait for hot water.

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    Shampoo your hair

    You can save some time by shampooing your hair and applying soap on your body before rinsing it off. Do not forget to take the towel in a bathroom along with you so that you can start to dry yourself straight after the shower. However, before starting to dry yourself, you must ensure that each and every part of body has been washed.

    By taking these little things into account, you can definitely get done with the shower within a few minutes.

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