How to Bathe Like Ancient Kings And Queens

Most of the ancient kings and queens used to bathe and enjoy themselves in luxurious ways. We may not be able to afford that style and lavishness, but we can certainly match those standards of comfort and pleasure; which adds to a person’s health and beauty.

Although the eastern monarchs and their families paid more focus to bathing, kings and queens in the western side also knew a thing or two about bathing.

Royalty in the past used to have a peculiar desire for fancy comfortable bathing. For most of the kings and queens, bathing was not only a way to get their bodies cleaned up, it served the purpose of pleasure as well. Most kings used to take bathes in small water ponds, where the temperature of the water was maintained to their liking. They did not use to bathe alone; slave girls would help them in the process. They would rub soap and oil over his body and then clean it up in a delicate and gentle way.

Obviously, one may not be able to follow all this in the letter and spirit, but nevertheless one can bathe like kings and queens in their own bathtubs with just a little working.


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    You will require a bathing assistant for getting a royal bath. Most of the kings and queens had female attendants with them to help, however, if someone preferred a male attendant one was provided to them. So depending on your choice and orientation, choose an attendant, you may have to pay them for the job though.

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    Soak yourself in a tub of water for about 20 minutes to soften the skin and enjoy the comforts of bathing like ancient royalty. Tell your attendant to add a scent in the water to make the environment sensual for you. Though there is no need to soap, ask your attendants to apply an oily scent over your complete body with bare hands.

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    Bathe like the great Egyptian kings and queens by mixing lotion and baking soda in the water. Do not add more than half cup of the detoxifying softening agent and relax in the tub for about 30 minutes.

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    Take many baths in a single day in order to replicate the life of the ancient kings and queens. If possible, arrange facilities for an outdoor bath. Build a small pond, preferably with fresh water and enjoy bathing in the clear sun.

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