How to Dry Yourself After a Shower

Drying your body properly after a shower is extremely important, especially in winters. It is highly recommended that you dry yourself after a bath or a shower using two towels. Use one towel to dry your hair; whereas, the second should be used to dry your body.

Using two towels will help you dry your body completely. There is no substitute to a warm terry robe after a bath in winters. A terry robe will help you remain warm in winters, with your clothes staying away from the dampness.

Most of us adopt a very lazy approach towards our personal care, which has an adverse effect on our personality. By taking small steps, you can make yourself feel comfortable and energetic, eventually enhancing your performance in every aspect of life from your professional matters to personal relationships.


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    Use two towels

    Before you go into the shower, you should make sure that you have at least two towels with you, especially if you have long hair. Your towel rack should be well within reach from the shower so that you can start the process of drying your body straight after the shower.

    Once you are done with the shower, start drying yourself from the hair. Squeeze out the water in your hair through your hands. However, you should not rub it as it does not have a good effect on your hair.

    In order to remove as much water as you can before you start drying yourself with a towel, move your hands quickly over your body. Make sure that the movement is fast; otherwise, some moisture will remain on your body.

    If you hair on your body then rub your hands over them smoothly to allow the water drops to drift away. It is important because countless water drops get trapped between your hair and body.

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    Dry your body with towels

    Now grab a towel and wrap it around your hair, looking like a turban. Now leave it as it is and use the other towel to dry your body. Dry your arms, chest, legs and back nicely. If you are a guy, do dry your pubic region to avoid sores. Now wrap yourself in the robe before drying your hair.

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    Use a moisturizing lotion

    Apply a moisturizing lotion or a cream on your body before wearing clothes. It will help you prevent your skin from drying up.

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