How to Do Experiments in a Bathtub

Bathing is much like eating and drinking – a necessity of life. While eating and drinking feeds the body, bathing cleans it. However, variety in food and drink is common, but bathing can get very monotonous and uninspiring at times.

For a lot of people, taking a bath is akin to a chore they need to delay for as long as possible. However, you can experiment with your bathing to make it more interesting. For instance, you can try bathing in a tub if you have been using a shower. If you use a bath tub, you can try using gels and scented oils for more luxurious lather and aroma or choose from a variety of natural salts which can be added to your bath. Women can also add flower petals for a more delicate experience or light up candles to create a more soothing atmosphere. As long as your bathroom and the things you use are clean, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about when experimenting.


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    Ambience of the bathroom

    The best thing to experiment about the bathtub is the ambience around it. You may keep tinkering with the lighting of the bathroom and see what is more likeable for you. In order to spend some relaxing time in the bathtub, it is highly recommended that you have dim lights. Sharp lights can be very irritating in the bathroom.

    There is nothing like candles, as they give a very natural look to the atmosphere. Have little candles on the side of the tub if you feel that artificial lights are not exciting you any longer.

    Other than that, to add spice to the bathroom, you can have music, which should not be too loud. Instead of listening to pop songs, you can switch to slow romantic music in the bathtub, which will help you get mentally relaxed.

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    Mix different things in the bathtub

    In order to make your bathtub more luxurious, you can add different things in the tub. Squeeze some oranges and oatmeal in the tub and mix it properly. On another day, you can add rose petals and scented oils in the bathtub, which is going to make you feel extremely special.

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    Ask your spouse to come along in the bathtub

    Spending time in the bathtub alone can be very boring after some days. In order to make it more thrilling and romantic, ask your spouse to come along in the bathtub. You can also share a nice drink in the tub.

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