How to Prepare Bathroom for Guests

Having guests over to your place can be fun. You can catch with old pals or family, remember the good old times and laugh about all the silly stuff you did earlier in life. It brings a lot of joy to most people to be around the near and dear ones.

It is, however, also an occasion when you have to prepare your house for their arrival. It’s not just about getting the food ready or having the living room all cleaned up. One has to pay attention to fine details and getting the washroom in the right order is one of the more important tasks. Many people are obsessed with hygiene, especially when they are visiting another place so it’s best that the bathrooms are in good shape.

Bathrooms show how well the house is being kept and preparing a bathroom for guests is not a big deal and if handled tactfully, it can be a fun job.


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    Clean up

    The first thing to do to prepare if for the guests is to clean it up. Make sure that the floor is clean to start off with. The basins should not be carrying any residue of any kind and the wall mirror should be shinning. Make sure that the trash is taken out and new trash bags are in place. Also make sure that the shower area is clean and the tub is spick and span.

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    Add New Supplies

    Replace the existing supplies with the new ones. Get new soap, put in fresh towels and fresh paper towels for use. This will give a great impression and will add to the cleanliness of the bathroom. Make sure that the bathroom mats are clean if you do not have the new ones to put in or you do not want to put them in.

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    Use Air Fresheners

    Use a generous amount before the guests arrive so that the bathroom smells good and feels fresh. Keep the air freshener in an accessible place for the guests so that when they use the bathroom, they too can spray it. Also if you can have the deodorisers for the flush, that is also a great idea as it kills the odours in the bathroom quickly.

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