How to Save Water by Taking a Shorter Shower

Water is a commodity that is available to all of us in a limited supply. This is because the earth could run out of water in the near future. There is no set time as to when that will happen but it is bound to happen.

Most of us waste water in the showers, because we tend to stay in the shower for far longer than we need to, and we also tend to keep the water running, which is something that wastes a lot of water.

The best way to conserve water, is to try and limit the amount of time we spend in the shower. This might sound rather hard to most people, but it isn’t that hard to do.


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    Stop watch

    One of the ways to monitor your time in the shower is to install a water proof stop watch with an alarm on it in the bathroom. This is a rather simple way to go about things and won’t set you back a great deal of money.

    All you need to do is attach it to the wall in your bathroom in a convenient location, and set a fifteen minute alarm on it.

    This way, once your fifteen minutes of showering are up, the alarm will go off and you will know that it is time to get out of the shower and save water.

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    Mechanical shower timer

    Another alternative to using a stop watch is to attach a mechanical shower timer to the shower head.

    This shower head is a little expensive, but it comes with variable time settings. What it does is that based on the time that you have set on the device, it will slow down the flow of water dramatically after the pre-assigned time.

    This way you will know that your time to leave is here and with such little water flowing, you wouldn’t want to stay in the shower any longer.

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    Electronic shower timer

    The electronic shower timer is an alternative to the mechanical shower timer. Given that the mechanical timer can be installed easily, the electronic one requires a little technological knowhow.

    Once again this device is attached to your shower head. However, the primary difference in this device is the fact that after the set time is reached on the timer, it turns off the water supply to the shower completely.

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